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Read this post to the end before posting in this forum section.OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM POSTING

- Application format:

   Current name:
   Past names:
   Time playing VCMP:
   Time playing in XE European:
   Average hourly play in XE European:
   Average days play in XE European:
   Do you use XE IRC echo channel?
   Additional information:

- Rules for applying:

You must fill in every line of the format above.
If you fail to use the correct format in this topic, your application will not be considered and you will be banned from posting.

Do NOT apply if you do not speak English.
Do NOT apply if you started playing / registered on forums recently.
Do NOT apply if you have not made any reports before.
If your application gets denied, do NOT re-apply under another nickname.
If your application gets denied, you must wait at least 1 month before you apply again.

- Application Guidelines/Requirements:

   - Play in XE for no less than several months before you apply;
   - Follow the server rules, and never break them;
   - Be helpful to players and admins, by reporting cheaters and helping players;
   - Speak acceptable English.

- Application replies:

   Anyone may offer their opinion* on any application, however please only vote once, justify* your vote, avoid off-topic posts, and refrain from double voting unless your vote has changed. Otherwise and you will be banned from posting and/or your reply will be removed.

*This means that if you are not a member of XE staff, don't just post "yes" or "no", explain your vote.
Or you will be
banned from posting

- Repercussions for Spamming this forum: (This includes reapplying too soon!)

  - 1st Offence: Warning via Post and PM.
   - 2nd Offence: Second warning, Up to a 24 hour forum ban.
   - 3rd Offence: Up to a week forum ban.
   - 4th Offence: Permanent forum ban and considered ingame ban.

^ old punishment guidelines no longer apply. If you break these rules in any way you will be banned from posting.

You also run risk as being known as one of these guys :)

- XE Management
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